Patrick Bennett

Patrick Bennett

Vice President of Managed Services / Operations

I’m Patrick Bennett, the Vice President of Managed Services / Operations at EMT Computer Consulting, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to our tech-driven world. With an impressive 20-year background in IT services, cloud computing, and customer solutions, I lead our team in reshaping businesses through our comprehensive Managed Services.

πŸ”§ Our Distinctive Approach: At EMT Computer Consulting, we’re committed to crafting comprehensive strategies that fuel flawless operations and peak efficiency. Leveraging my extensive expertise, I oversee solutions spanning IT infrastructure management, cloud services, and cybersecurity. Our primary aim is to empower your business to not only navigate but excel in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

🌟 Guided by Expert Insight: Having navigated the dynamic domains of IT and cloud computing, I bring a unique perspective to our services. This vantage point enables us to address current challenges effectively while anticipating the technological shifts of tomorrow. Our finger is on the pulse of innovation, ensuring you’re well-prepared for what lies ahead.

🀝 Collaborative Success: Collaboration is at the heart of EMT Computer Consulting. By closely collaborating with various teams, we align our managed services seamlessly with your overarching business strategies. This synergy fosters efficient processes, leading to sustainable growth that sets your business apart.

πŸ“ˆ Delivering Tangible Results: Our hallmark is the delivery of impactful results. Through meticulous process optimization, minimizing downtimes, and fortifying security measures, we consistently uplift businesses to new heights in today’s competitive digital landscape.

πŸ’‘ Join the Tech Transformation: In an era that demands agility and reliability, Managed Services emerge as the ultimate solution for success. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, where your business’s potential converges with our two decades of seasoned expertise.


I live in Northern Kentucky with my wife Emily and 4 children; Carson(12), Owen(9), Chloe(4), Myles(3) and 1 large puppy(Winston). We are often found outdoors during the summer hiking, camping, and/or on the water.

Fun fact! My daughter Chloe and I spend time together visiting different airports for air shows, plane spotting, and flying. I am working towards my Private Pilots certificate, and she loves to go any chance we get.

Fill in the blank: Come to me when you need help with providing customers with a solution for those β€œone-off” requests whether it’s troubleshooting or custom solutions for their needs.